Freitag, 28. Februar 2014

Psychojet - Flights (2013)

Psychojet was an instrumental post-rock / math-rock band from Ireland. Before releasing "Flights" in August 2013 as a farewell present to their fans, they released their debut album "The Sea is Never Full" in 2012.

Just like Wander from the post before, I found these guys on bandcamp when I was looking for some new music.

Though Flights is just a short two track EP with 8 minutes of duration, I have the feeling they play more riffs on there than most other post-rock bands on an 1 hour album. Their sound is very dry, just few effect pedals like some delay, reverb and maybe a little boosting overdrive are used.

The first track named "Swansong" starts with an enthusiastic guitar riff that gets more and more layers with every repetition until they release it with a big "WHOOO" and the whole band joins in with main focus on the powerful played drums.
On the following guitar line, which always reminds me of one of my favourite bands "The Samuel Jackson Five", I have to grab my air guitar and play along. There's no way around.
Now delay and reverb set in, jazzy drums underlay these atmospheric guitar lines.
Then the whole things stops - a new hook line starts right up that quickly finds its climax with a fancy dub beat. The last few seconds of the song go by in a heartbeat. Then I press the replay button and start over again.
"Epic Succeed" starts like a song from Japanese math-rockers "LITE". Neatly tapped guitars and unusual accentuation make you wanna hear more of that song. A melodious bass line introduces the listener to the next part where heavy distorted guitars accompany with catchy eighth single note picks.
The drums are precise and heavy. Headbanging inevitable.
This theme lasts until the end of the song.

A pity, I never had the chance to see these guys perform live. Perhaps, when they read this, they find back together again.

Make sure to check them out. If you like it, don't hesitate to support the band by buying and/or sharing their music!

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